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Our assortment consists of a broad scala of Dutch and foreign sorts of cheese, both fresh-sliced as well as pre-packed in any form. Because of our specialism in packaging, our extensive automation and large number of packaging lines we are able to cut and pack in different forms and sizes. Virtually everything is done in-house, but in case Vandersterre Groep Packaging cannot immediately fullfill your order, we will we take care of it.
Furthermore,Vandersterre Groep Packaging is specialized in made-to-orde packaging for hotel and catering industry, retail business, industry, whole-sale-houses, self-service whole-sale-houses and specialty stores for cheese.
In the broad assortment of Dutch cheese, our brands Holland Superieur, Klasse Kaas and Goudblok are very important. Specific outlets can distinguish themselves with these brands.
Vandersterre Groep Packaging can deliver a constant quality because of its own cheese supply of about 1000 tons. By own means of transportation and a nationwide distribution network, all products satisfies the HACCP Recuirements.

Retail business
Hotel and catering industry and institutional market
Cheese speciality stores and market trade
Whole-sale houses and industry
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