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There are numerous possibilities for packaging within the company. Each packaging demand can be met. Of course, a consequence of this is that De Graaff Kaas has a lot of packaging machinery.

In the steps below we show how packaging actually works. Each step is illustrated with a photograph of the activity. You can enlarge the photograph by clicking on it.

Step 1

The sliced cheese is put into the pre-formed cups on the packaging machine.....

Step 2

...resulting in packed cheese without oxygen.

Step 3

This machine packs the cheese with a special fresh-look presentation.

Step 4

Cheese is being packed in piece of a kilo or a pound.

Step 5

All vacuum-packed cheese is automatically transported...

Step 6

...priced and checked for quality.

Step 7

There are numerous possibilities to cut cheese.

Step 8

At this line the cheese is being sliced and packed with a reclosable cover.

Step 9

All sorts of price- and stickerequipment take care of the correct labeling.

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