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Vandersterre Groep Packaging is founded at 1929 in Enkhuizen by C. de Graaff sr. It started as "De Graaff Kaas" a wholesale trade in cheese, butter, oils and fats. That time the commerce was focused on storing, grading and trading of the so called "Noord-Hollandse Edammers". The goods were delivered by barrow of carrier cycle.

In the sixties, three sons joined the company. The one-man business became a firm named; de Graaff & Zn. In the following years, they continue to put de Graaff Kaas on the map.

The new management started to enlarge their activities. The company started to package the cheese for the retail business and entered a complete new market. From this moment they have definitely chosen to be a packer within the Dutch Cheese retail business.

This new strategy was very successful, the current business operation became too small and a new location had to be found. In 1977 they moved to a new location in Grootebroek. Initially, the new building was too large for the then activities. Fortunately the growth and development of the company was very progressive, within several years, even this new building became too small. For this reason in 1981 a new hall was added to the complex. 

The growth continued steadily and again there were thoughts of expanding the complex. The needed land for this expansion was already acquired. At the end of 1996 they started with new building and the current warehouse was remodelled in order to met the strictest requirements and guidelines of the COKZ. Robots were added to automate large parts of the cheese maintenance part of the factory.

In the nineties, the third generation of the Graaff family entered the company. The continuity was safeguarded in this way and the firm became a B.V.

In 1997 De Graaff has taken over "van der Deure" which was found in Enkhuizen. This lead to a considerable expansion of activities and enforced their position within the Dutch cheese business.

After years of intensive cooperation between De Graaff Kaas B.V. and the firms of Vandersterre Groep, the directors have agreed to merge the activities per January 1st 2009. With this cooperation there is a powerfull party created that can provide our customers with a complete selection of cheese fresh from the knife to every wished way of packaging.
The corebusinesses of Vandersterre Groep Nederland B.V., Vandersterre Groep International B.V. and De Graaff Kaas B.V. will occur from their own business units. 

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